Secondary breaking

Non detonating cartridges are ideally suited to secondary blasting applications. Due to the low presence of fly rock, dust and noise, oversize boulders and rock can be broken whilst normal operations continue. In addition nearby equipment such as crushers, haulers and drilling equipment will not need to be moved from the operating site. For underground operations the product is ideal, as oversize material can be blasted with minimal gas exposure. This application is particularly useful in block caving, sub-level caving, bord and pillar and open cast mining operations.

By applying non-detonating cartridges for oversize management the costs associated with hydraulic hammers (peckers) are minimized and the related costs in hauling oversize boulders are avoided because secondary blasting with Royex cartridges can be done in-situ.

The videos to the right shows some examples of secondary breaking in an aggregate quarry.

  • Secondary breaking demonstrations