The Safety of Royex

The Royex rock breaking system has been developed with safety and efficiency of paramount importance. Royex is highly efficient when properly applied but has minimal impact on the surroundings if accidentally initiated or if exposed to fire or heat.

Since the solid propellant used in the Royex cartridges is a non-detonating compound the Royex cartridge will not explode if accidentally initiated on an open surface or exposed environment. Exhaustive testing has proved that even if a cartridge is accidentally initiated inside a box containing several cartridges the effect is limited to a small fire. No explosion will occur. The system is tested in accordance to the United Nations transport directive and is considered safe to transport and store in facilities with far more lenient requirements than regulated for normal explosives. The UN 1.4s classification also permits the cartridges to be transported by commercial air-cargo without restrictions on volume.

Royex is classified as a 1.4S product and is packaged such that the effects of accidental initiation are confined within the package itself, unless the carton is degraded by fire in which case blasts or projectiles are limited to the immediate vicinity of the package and will not hinder or prohibit fire-fighting and other emergency measures.