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The Royex hole iron

T Since the Royex cartridge propellant is designed to deflagrate rather than to explode, the gas volume expansion is slow. To enable maximum efficiency in short drill hole depths, proper hole confinement is needed and this is supplied by the Royex hole iron. Made of purpose matched steel, the hole iron is applied at the end of the drill hole and ensures that the gas energy is contained and propagates through the rock rather than out of the drill hole. This minimizes the risk of hole blow outs and ensures optimum results, even in drill hole depths as short as 60 cm. The product is especially useful in dimensional stone quarrying where straight cuts are needed and where normally shallow blast holes are used.
The Royex hole iron is made in two sizes, 32 mm and 25 mm for drill hole diameters of 35-40 mm and 28 mm respectively.