Controlled blasting and demolition

Traditionally high explosives such as dynamite and emulsion explosives have been used to demolish structures such as buildings, roads, railways and factories to clear space for new developments. However, conventional blasting gives rise to many risks such as fly rocks, high vibrations, noise, dust and entail regulatory issues management and handling more complicated. This makes the traditional way very expensive and time consuming since many precautionary measures need to be considered to manage the risks.

Royex controlled blasting is an efficient alternative to conventional explosives and mechanical methods. By using Royex, fly rocks and structure vibrations can be precisely controlled to great lengths during blasting work. Used with heavy coverage blasting mats, fly rocks and dust can practically be eliminated.

The result of controlled blasting are very dependent on the skill of the operator. Royex instructors and operators have proven the technology in highly sensitive environments and have achived breaking precision comparable to mechanical tools.

  • Controlled secondary breaking